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Admins: Aying & Kim
Mainly: Big Bang Scenarios :) adapted/inspired by: Ohsnapitsdongwoon
Note: She is the original creator of scenarios, we created lifeisabigbang seeing as there wasn't any Big Bang before. Remember to credit.

We love Big Bang, and will post pics, rants, etc. As well as scenarios ^^ mainly that but otherwise ^^ Please follow!

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For Those Who Want To Help

I will create a form. And just apply for wherever. We need people who are able to do responses. Those who know their grammar basics to check through it. Those who know their way around coding and could most likely make a new layout. We also need people who know how each member reacts. Meaning, they have to have seen a lot of Big Bang videos beforehand to know how they would act. I mean, clearly, it’s based on observation since we don’t know the members personally, but, it’s a good attempt. Once I finish with the form, I will post it up here.

Thank you to all who messaged me about it.


An Update

Hello everyone,

I am Kim. For those who are new, I’m the head admin of this blog, for those who are old, you should know me by now. I’m sorry to say that due to lack of staff, I might have to close this blog. It’s a hard decision, I know. But, it was fun while it lasted. We have over 200 requests, and yet, we need so many staff members to help us do them. Why do we have so much? Well, even if we close requests, people seemed to continue to ask us. If anyone is interested in helping, then maybe, just maybe, we might be able to keep this site alive. I’m not one for killing something that everyone likes so much. I love this site, it is special to me. I don’t want to close it down, but I feel as though, it’s dead (which in my opinion, it already is). Maybe, it’s due to lack of staff? There was about 5-6 people running it. About 3 of those people have left, without notice. 200 requests for 2-3 people was just a way too much. So, if I can get about 12-15 people applying, then check how well they come up with responses, I just may keep this site alive. Otherwise, it’s closing up at the end of August. Sorry everyone!



aero-seoul-deactivated20130629 aero-seoul-deactivated20130629 asked: please don't close this blog T^T this has been one of my sanctuaries whilst preparing for our board exam T^T maybe i could help just please don't close this blog T^T this is too wonderful to be closed T^T

Ahh~ T.T Well I’m not too sure. Most people expect us to have proper grammar and still keep the realism to the Big Bang members T.T it’s hard to keep staff together, I’ll think about it. T.T We’ve been losing followers a lot lately so ><; T.T


aero-seoul-deactivated20130629 aero-seoul-deactivated20130629 asked: hello :> why do you need a staff member for? maybe i could help :D

Well, we need staff to create more scenarios the list is over 200+ scenarios. Those who applied for positions earlier ._. somehow disappeared, so we’ve been REALLY slow. Sorry to say, I’m contemplating on closing this~ since ._. we’re losing followers anyways. But, more staff would benefit us.


openthelocktosecrets openthelocktosecrets asked: Helloooo!~ still active? :D

Aying Unnie got out of school ^________^ So we are very much so active. I’ll have to discuss with her ^^ when she’ll be posting. But she’s free. I still have tests left ^^ XD So ^_______^ YES. WE ARE ACTIVE. ^^ Thank you to those who greeted us with luck, and those who stayed patient and continued to follow us or put us on appreciation type banners like Follow Me, or just plain out told us :) We appreciate it. ^^ She shall be posting soon, I shall help her out from time to time but I am free June 20th.


teddytopprincess teddytopprincess asked: Goodluck on your finals.

Thank you guys! I’m sorry if we haven’t been posting up lately. Aying has been busy, and I have as well. This is my second blog on tumblr, so I don’t get notis for any of the messages sent to us. If you guys have any questions, or even want to apply for a position here then please feel free to contact me, Kim at my personal blog ^^ Thank you~


z1co z1co asked: Miss your scenarios :'(

We miss you guys! Finals are soon. Please bear with us D: don’t un-follow us D: We’re bound to update some time!!

Idea by: Anonymous

Idea by: Anonymous